tiffps - Convert TIFF Files to PostScript

tiffps [ options ] files ...

The tiffps program converts TIFF-F format files to PostScript format for printing on PostScript compatible printers. The converted TIFF files are written on standard output. Tiffps could, for example, be used to print a document on the default printer using the following command:

tiffps file | lp


-c copies
Request the specified number of copies be printed.
-m length
Set the longest page (in inches) that will be squeezed to fit on one page (default is 14.25). TIFF images longer than this value are split into multiple pages.
-p preamble-file
Replace the standard preamble with the file specified. Note that the preamble file must create an environment that is compatible with the standard preamble or results will be unpredictable (i.e. know what you are doing before writing your own preamble).

Although tiffps uses a very fast and compact run-length compression algorithm, the generated PostScript files are still many times the size of the original TIFF file, usually between four and eight times as large. (This is still a fraction of the size they would be if uncompressed PostScript image data were generated.) Therefore running tiffps on a large TIFF file can create an extremely large PostScript file, one that may overflow the spool area.

Tiffps generates Level 1 PostScript and is thus useable with any PostScript or PostScript-compliant printer.

/opt/FAXserver/ps/standard.ps standard preamble