tiffhp - Convert TIFF Files to HP PCL

tiffhp [ options ] files ...

The tiffhp program converts TIFF-F format files to Hewlett-Packard's PCL format for printing on HP compatible printers. The converted TIFF files are written on standard output. Tiffhp could, for example, be used to print a document on the default printer using the following command:

tiffhp file | lp


Generate compressed PCL output. This option is applicable only to printers that support compressed graphics. This includes the HP DeskJet printer, LaserJet IIP, and LaserJet III and 4 printers, but does not include the HP LaserJet, LaserJet II, or LaserJet IID printers.
Print at 150 dpi. This is the default.
Print at 300 dpi. Output quality will be improved at the expense of much larger print files.
-p paper
Set paper type. The following paper types are supported: letter, legal, executive, a4, com-10, comarc, c5, dl.
-o list
Convert only those pages specified in list of pages. Pages can be any combination of a comma-separated list of page numbers or ranges. Ranges have the form X-Y; a missing X implies page one, a missing Y implies the last page.
HP's PCL language, unfortunately, varies from printer to printer. Also, some printers have insufficient memory to print at 300 dpi. Tiffhp's default options have been chosen to generate output printable on any HP PCL compatible printer. Improved performance can be realized, however, by taking advantage of the compressed graphics support available with the newer printers and using the -c option to tiffhp. Note that compressed output is roughly half the size of uncompressed print files.