faxsched - Fax Request Scheduler

faxsched [ -d ]

Faxsched manages out-going fax requests, calling faxcico whenever appropriate to deliver a fax request. Faxsched normally examines the queues once every minute looking for new requests.

Faxsched maintains a checkpoint file in /var/spool/fax/scheddump that contains faxsched's process id and information on the last attempted delivery time of any queued requests. The process id is used by the server to notify faxsched that new fax requests have been submitted and that a queue run should be performed immediately. Normally, faxsched should be invoked at boot-time from a system startup file (see The Faximum Daemons and Start-Up Script). Only one faxsched may be active; faxsched will exit if it detects that another is already active.


This option is used to have faxsched generate debug output.