The Faximum Daemons and Start-Up Script

When your system starts, it automatically executes a start-up script that invokes the necessary background daemons used by Faximum Client/Server.

On Solaris, this script is in the file /etc/init.d/faximum.

On Solaris, there are three daemons used by Faximum:

The fax font server. This daemon is required by asciitiff and faxcico program to obtain the fonts used by Faximum. It need not be running in order to use the fax client but it is needed if you wish to submit a fax for tranmission or convert an ASCII file into TIFF-F format.

The outgoing fax scheduler. This daemon monitors the outgoing fax queue and arranges for the transmission (by faxcico) of each fax when appropriate. This daemon is also used to coordinate information between different fax client processes. It must be running in order to use fax client or to send faxes.

The incoming fax monitor. This daemon monitors the fax modem for incoming fax calls. There will be one faxlisten daemon for each fax modem on the system. (Note that this version of Faximum is limited to a single fax modem. To upgrade to a multi-line version of Faximum, contact the vendor who sold you your copy of Faximum Client/Server.
This daemon needs to be running in order to receive faxes.

If you wish to manually stop all of the fax server daemons, type (as root):

If you wish to manually start all of the fax server daemons, type (as root):

If you wish to see which fax processes are currently running, type (as root): ps -eaf | grep fax.

Note that starting the daemons when some (or all of the daemons) are already running will cause the system to fail in strange and mysterious ways.