faxcico - Send/Receive Daemon

faxcico [-d] [-f device] [-r] [-s[dest]]

The faxcico program handles the actual transmission and reception of fax files. It is called by faxsched and faxlisten as necessary and is usually not invoked directly.


Enable debug mode. Causes faxcico to write detailed information on its operation to standard output.
-f device
Select fax device. Causes faxcico to use the name device (which must be described in /opt/FAXserver/dev/*
Receive a fax. Only used when faxcico is spawned by faxlisten.
Perform a queue run. Causes faxcico to look for faxes to send.
-s dest
Causes faxicico to limit its queue run to the named destination (which must be a directory in /var/spool/destinations).

NOTES Faxes that fail after being partially transmitted are restarted after the last page known to have been successfully received. At least two pages must have been received before partial retransmission will be attempted, otherwise the entire request starting at the first page will be sent on the next try.

If specified, faxcico will use the retry-coversheet entry in the control file; otherwise, /opt/FAXserver/coversheet/retry.tif is used if it exists.

Faxcico will write-lock the control file using fcntl() before attempting to transmit the request. Control files that cannot be write-locked are skipped.