faxlisten - Listen for Incoming Fax Calls

faxlisten [ -d ] device

Faxlisten opens a fax modem device in listen mode and then waits for an incoming call. After a call is received, faxlisten starts faxcico to receive the incoming call. The -d flag may be used to have faxlisten generate debug output. This flag will also be passed to faxcico.

Device can be either the symbolic name of a fax device description file (i.e. the name of a file in /opt/FAXserver/dev/*), or the full path of the actual fax dial-in device.

When not in debug mode, faxlisten puts itself into the background and dissociates itself from the controlling terminal.

Faxlisten is normally be invoked at boot-time from the system startup file run by init.d.

It normally is only run manually when it is necessary to use the -d flag to obtain a detailed trace of an incoming fax. Note that should two faxlisten processes be started on the same port, unpredictable results may occur.

Note that faxcico spawns dispatch to process incoming faxes and dispatch examines the dispatch and action databases to determine what to do with the incoming FAX.

/opt/FAXserver/dev/* (device description files)

/opt/FAXserver/lib/faxcico (fax receive/transmit)

/opt/FAXserver/lib/dispatch (fax dispatcher)

/var/spool/fax/log (faxlisten and faxcico log file)

/var/spool/fax/acct (faxlisten and faxcico accounting file)

/etc/init.d/faximum (Faximum daemon startup file)