convert... - Render and convert files to TIFF-F

convert-script [ options ] files

The file conversion scripts (in /opt/FAXserver/convert) provide a standard interface to the various programs used to convert files into fax (TIFF-F) format.

Faximum supports a number of file formats: ASCII, TIFF, PCL, PostScript, etc. Also note that the Faximum client is able to handle a number of other file formats itself. For more information, see Supported File Types.

When a file is to be sent by fax it must first be converted into fax (TIFF-F) format. There is a program for each of the different file formats (asciitiff, tifftiff, pcltiff, dpstiff, etc.).

Unfortunately each of these programs takes a slightly different set of parameters and arguments. To make converting files easier, some scripts have been written to accept a standard set of parameters and call the appropriate conversion program. This manual page describes this standard set of parameters.


Appends to an existing TIFF file (otherwise overwrites existing file). The file is created if it does not already exist.
Produces high (fine) resolution output (204 d.p.i. horizontally and 196 d.p.i. vertically). This is the default.
Produces low (standard) resolution output (204 d.p.i. horizontally and 98 d.p.i. vertically).
-o file
Uses the named file as the TIFF output file. This option is required when using convert scripts.
-O overlay-file
Uses the named file (which must be a TIFF image in either standard or fine resolution) as the letterhead overlay. If the overlay file contains only one TIFF image, this image is overlayed on every page rendered by asciitiff. If the overlay file contains more than one TIFF image, the first image is overlayed on the first page rendered by asciitiff, and the second overlay file image is overlayed on every subsequent page rendered by asciitiff.
-P page-number
Changes asciitiff's idea of the current page number thus affecting which overlay TIFF page is overlayed. For example, asciitiff -O ovfile -P 2 ... causes asciitiff to overlay the second page of ovfile on every page rendered by asciitiff. This option makes sense only when used with the -O option and with a multi-page overlay file.
-s size
Sets the size of the page to be created. The value may be suffixed by i to indicate inches (the default), c for centimeters, or p for pixels.
Trims trailing whitespace from the bottom of each page.

/opt/FAXserver/convert/* (conversion scripts)

asciitiff, pcltiff, dpstiff, tifftiff