Account Log Messages

Most of the messages in the Account Log are self explanatory. The FSA can view additional information about a particular transmission by checking the System Log. For example, if you get one of the following messages:

Failed: Unknown
Failed: Protocol

The FSA should check the System Log.

Some messages should be investigated if they appear repeatedly for several fax submissions. For example:

Failed: Busy
Failed: No Answer

The Failed: Busy message means that the modem received a busy signal when it tried to connect to the other FAX machine. If you get the same message after trying to send the fax several times, you may be entering an incorrect number in the Fax # field or a dialing rule in effect on the Fax server may be incorrect.

If you continually get a message that does not seem correct, examine the dialing rules that the number would use. Remember that the FSA automatically has access to all dialing rules. So if there is an incorrect dialing rule the FSA might run into the problem very quickly. See the description of how to check dialing rules in Incorrect Dialing Rule.