Incorrect Dialing Rule

It is possible that one of the dialing rules the user has permission to use may have been defined incorrectly or that an additional dialing rule needs to be added to handle a special case. Faximum does not check the validity of a dialing rule when it is defined. If there is an error (for example, if a non-existant area code is specified) the problem will only show up when the user tries to send a fax with the specific dialing rule.

To check whether there is an error in the dialing rule:

  1. Set up a Permission account that only has permission to use the default dialing rule and assign the permission to a user. This Permission account cannot have Become FSA permission because FSAs have automatic access to all dialing rules.
  2. If you were having trouble with a particular fax number, have the user send a fax to that number (and other numbers to make sure the default dialing rule is working).
  3. If the default dialing rule works, add the dialing rule that is in question to the list of dialing rules that user has permission for. Send the fax again.
  4. If the new dialing rule does not work, check the syntax for the dialing rule. Check the following:
  5. If the default dialing rule does not work: