The Dialing Rule Database

The dialing rules determine how to dial. They also provide for some manipulation of the entered destination number. For example:

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See Dialing Rule Examples.

Contents of the Dialing Rule Database
The Fax System Administrator is responsible for the Dialing Rule database. Each entry contains the following fields:

If more than one Dial Rule Name rule matches, then the rule that matched the largest number of digits exactly (not using patterns) will be selected. Note that although the asterisk character (*) is both a valid dialing digit as well as a pattern, there can never be any ambiguity. For example, the pattern [*] means match any number of digits while the pattern [123*] means match any one of 1, 2, 3, or '*'.

Up to four sets of trunk group, tariff, and dial string may be specified. For normal situations only one set needs to be specified. Specifying more than one set allows for sophisticated linking of tariff to the dial string and or trunk group. See Using the Tariff Database for an explanation of how to use dialing rules with tariffs.

See also, Incorrect Dialing Rule.