Using the Tariff Database

The use of the Tariff database is very much like what you would do at home with your phone when you want to dial a long distance call. You probably know that your long distance carrier has different discount rates for different time periods. If you know that for your fax phone line, you might want to set up your Tariff database to match those discount rates. The fax scheduler will use these rates when making scheduling decisions.

Moreover, if you use more than one type of phone line, say, a regular line and a leased line, typically, the tariff on the two lines will be different. If you have a fax modem connected to each of them, you would want the fax scheduler to know the tariff on each line because the fax scheduler will try to find the least expensive way to send your faxes. Hence, you create a different tariff for a different type of line. Furthermore, there are certainly big cost differences between fax numbers that are going out of state or even overseas as opposed to local ones, even if the same line is used. Therefore, you may need several tariffs even for one type of line.

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