Faximum Appears to Stop Working

If the Faximum application stops responding to your input it may be that an error dialog has appeared behind the main Faximum window. When an error dialog is displayed the application blocks input until you choose OK on the error dialog.

If this happens, either move the Faximum window or shuffle it to the bottom of the display in order to see if there are any error dialogs behind the window.

The following procedure shows one way to shuffle the window to the bottom of the display:

  1. Move the cursor off the Faximum window.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button to display the Workspace Menu.
  3. Choose Shuffle Down. Optionally keep choosing Shuffle Down until the error dialogs appear.

Another way is to iconify the Faximum windows until the error dialogs appear.

See also, A Help window stops accepting input.