Invalid Fax Number

If you get an error message containing the text invalid fax number it means that the number you entered does not match a valid dialing rule.

Some Background Information
The dialing rule database is set up and maintained by the FSA. Dialing rules determine what numbers you can call and allow for intelligent dialing (for example, add a number needed to access an outside phone line).

The default dialing rule allows users to enter any Fax number. The FSA can add new dialing rules to limit the types of calls that can be placed. For example, a dialing rule may restrict access to numbers within a certain area code or country code.

The FSA gives users permission to use certain dialing rules. If you do not have FSA access, check with your FSA for the numbers that are allowed.

Interpreting the Error
The invalid fax number error can be caused by any of the following conditions:

For more information on dialing rules, refer to the Help button on the Browse Database dialog (only FSA can do this):

  1. Choose Fax Administrator from the Admin pulldown menu.
  2. Choose Database from the Admin pulldown menu.
  3. Select Dialing Rule from the Database menu.
  4. Choose Help.