Adding a TIFF image to a cover sheet

To add your company logo to a cover sheet, follow these steps:

  1. obtain a TIFF-F file containing your logo (either by user a scanner or by faxing it to your Faximum server);
  2. cut out your logo as a separate (small) TIFF-F file; and
  3. edit your coversheet definition file(s) to (a) remove the company name and add the reference your logo;

The coversheet definition file(s) are normally in /opt/FAXserver/coversheet.

To include your logo, add a line similar to the following to the beginning of your coversheet definition file(s).

$[tiffinclude /opt/FAXserver/coversheet/logo.tif 0.25i 0.2i]

The characters $[ ] identify the line as an asciitiff command. The command tells Faximum to include the TIFF image named /opt/FAXserver/coversheet/logo.tif at position (x=0.25i, y=0.2i). The origin is at the top left-hand corner of the page. The x values increase to the right and y values increase as you move down the page. The i value says to use inches. You can also use p for pixels.

You may have to change the x and y coordinates to better position your image depending on its size.

See Creating a TIFF Image for the Cover Sheet for more information on getting a proper TIFF image for your cover sheet.

Note that the cover sheet customization script newcovers overwrites the tiffinclude command. To guard against having your TIFF image file overwritten if someone runs the script, you should copy the TIFF image to a new name and create a new style that uses the name. See Creating a New Style with a TIFF image.