Creating a New Style with a TIFF image

This example creates a new style from the Default style.

  1. Make a copy of /opt/FAXserver/coversheet/cover.fine with a new name in the same directory. For example, call it mylogo.fine.
  2. If you are adding your own image to the cover sheet edit the file and add a tiffinclude line to point to your own TIFF file. Use the complete pathname to the file. See Adding a TIFF image to a cover sheet.
  3. Start up the Faximum application.
  4. Become FSA by choosing Fax Administrator from the Admin pulldown menu.
  5. Choose Databases from the Admin pulldown menu. The Browse Database dialog will appear.
  6. Choose Style from the Database menu in the upper left hand corner of the dialog.
  7. Select the Default style and choose Copy As.
  8. You will be prompted for the name of the new style. Give any recognizable (unique) name and choose OK.
  9. In the Data area, replace the cover.fine name in the Coversheet field with the name of your new cover sheet file (mylogo.fine in this example).
  10. Choose Apply Edits.

Next, Give Users Permissions to Use the New Style.