Saving a Fax to a File

Usually you store faxes in your inbox or in a folder you create. Use the Browse Received Fax window to display the list of faxes in your inbox or folders. If the Browse Received Fax window is not visible, select Browse Received Fax from the Task pulldown menu.

See Reading a Received Fax for information on viewing faxes in the Browse Received Fax window and for moving faxes from General Delivery into your inbox. If you want to save a copy of a fax to another directory on your system, use the Save to File feature as follows:

  1. In the Browse Received Fax window, select the fax you want to save.
  2. Choose Save to TIFF File on the Action pulldown menu . The Save File dialog appears.
  3. Choose the Help button on the Save File dialog for instructions on saving the file to a different directory.
  4. Choose OK in the Save File dialog to save the file.
Faximum saves faxes as Class F compressed TIFF files

Viewing the Saved File