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Sendmail, Locating

Running some of the tests (e.g. "Testing Sendmail Manually" on page 71) described in this manual requires you to run the sendmail program manually. To do this you need to know the pathname of your sendmail command. On systems (such as Linux) that support the whereis command you can ask your system:

Note that this command will return all files related to sendmail. The first one is usually the executable file (/usr/sbin/sendmail in this case). You can verify that this file is sendmail by running the following command:

The proper response is something like:

An error response that indicates that your pathname for sendmail is wrong would be something like:

If you do not have access to the whereis command you may have to go looking for sendmail the hardway, by using the ls command. Try the following commands to see which one(s) reveal sendmail's location on your machine:

If you guess wrong your response will be similar to:

If you have found it, ls will report something like:

or perhaps:

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