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Sendmail, Testing for

Testing for Sendmail Through the Webadmin Interface

You can test your email server by:

1. browsing the FMS webadmin interface (see "Faximum Messaging Server, Administering a" on page 42)

2. clicking on Configure / Email Server (see "Email Server Configuration Options" on page 190)

3. clicking on Test Email Configuration

This will display information on which email server you are using (sendmail or Postfix), at least as far as FMS can determine.

It is possible to configure sendmail and Postfix to mask their identity in which case not only with FMS be unable to identify them, it will be unable to configure them to work with FMS. In this case you will need to contact for assistance.

Testing Sendmail Manually

If you want to verify if your (or any) server is running sendmail (and to determine the version), merely connect to that server on port 25 using telnet. For example, run the following command (either from UNIX or Windows):

If the server is running sendmail then the response will be of the form:

To close the session, merely type QUIT

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