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It is possible to test the changes to your file necessary to support the Faximum Messaging software.

Testing Sendmail Through the Webadmin Interface

You can test that your sendmail server has been properly configured to handle email addresses containing a FAX= component by:

1. browsing the FMS webadmin interface (see "Faximum Messaging Server, Administering a" on page 42)

2. clicking on Configure / Email Server (see "Email Server Configuration Options" on page 190)

3. clicking on Test Email Configuration

The result ought to be as shown in "Email Server Test Results" on page 192

Testing Sendmail Manually

If your prefer, you can run similar tests to those available through the webadmin interface by running sendmail manually as shown below. (See also "Sendmail, Locating" on page 68

The simplest test is to run the sendmail address verify test by type a command similar to:

where is replaced by the domain name of your fax server. If the file has been properly edited, the response will be similar to the following:

Note in particular the part that says deliverable: mailer faximum. If it says deliverable: mailer smtp or mailer esmtp then the file is not correct!

Another response that may be seen is:

This is also an indication that the file has not been properly modified to support FMS.

A more advanced test is to run sendmail in the address test mode by typing:

This will cause sendmail to produce output similar to the following:

If the last line includes the component $# faximum then your is working fine. Otherwise contact Faximum Technical Support.

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