Claim Fax and Route Fax Buttons

Use the Claim Fax and Route Fax buttons on the Browse Received Fax window to move faxes from the General Delivery folder. The Route Fax button allows the FSA to move faxes from General Delivery to any users inbox. The Claim Fax button allows you to move a fax from General Delivery to your own inbox.

Whether or not the Route Fax or Claim Fax buttons are displayed depend on the user's current access privileges:

In order to use the Route Fax or Claim Fax button the Folders display must be visible on the Browse Received Fax window. Use the following procedure to select a fax from General Delivery:

  1. If the Folders display is not already visible in the Browse Received Fax window, choose Folders List from the View pulldown menu.
  2. Select the General Delivery folder. Faximum displays all of the faxes in General Delivery.
  3. Choose Sender #, Time Received or other items from the View pulldown menu that will help you identify the fax.
  4. When you find a fax that you think is yours you can view the coversheet to make sure. (When you select the General Delivery folder the View Fax button becomes the View Coversheet button.)
  5. Select either Claim Fax or Route Fax.

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