General Delivery

Faximum sends faxes to General Delivery on the server when there are no routing clues to direct the fax to an individual client.

General delivery is visible as a folder on the Browse Received Fax window. Only users with General Delivery access privileges can view the folder.

To view the contents of the General Delivery folder:

  1. Choose Folders from the View menu.
  2. Click on the General Delivery folder. Faximum displays the list of faxes in the Received Faxes area.
  3. To see additional information about the faxes in the folder, choose items from the View menu such as Sender # or Time Received.

The FSA can route faxes in general delivery to individual users. Individual users with General Delivery access permission can claim faxes. Faximum puts Routed and claimed faxes in the appropriate user's inbox.

The FSA and individual users with General Delivery access privileges can view the cover sheet of faxes in General Delivery. When the General Delivery folder is selected, the View Fax button turns to the View Coversheet button.

You cannot delete entries in general delivery. Entries must be either claimed or routed.

See also, Reading a Received Fax .