The Cover Sheet

The cover sheet contains sender and destination information.

A cover sheet is defined as part of a style in the Style Database. The FSA gives users permission to access different styles.

To preview a cover sheet alone, choose the View Fax button before there are any files in the Attachment Files List. (You must enter a number in the Fax # field before you can use the View Fax button).

To use a different cover sheet, select the associated style as follows:

  1. Choose Select Attributes from the Composition menu of the composer window.
  2. In the Styles area select the style that uses the cover sheet and press Return or choose the OK button.
  3. Choose View Fax to view the cover sheet.

Cover sheet files contain ASCII text. The text consists of instructions in a graphics language called asciitiff. Cover sheets reside on the Faximum server in the directory /opt/FAXserver/coversheet.

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