The Send Fax Button

Choose the Send Fax button to send the composition to the fax server to be transmitted.

To check on the status after you send a fax, choose the The Fax Status Button.

When you choose Send Fax the Faximum server prepares the fax, schedules it, and sends it out. When the fax is sent out depends on whether you have selected the Wait to Send menu item (on the Options pulldown menu) and whether the FSA has set up any time restrictions in the Tariff database (for example, to take advantage of after hour phone line rates). The default is that the fax is sent out immediately.

The Send Fax button is greyed out until you enter a number in the Fax # field.

If you have selected Email Confirmation on the Options menu you will get electronic mail notification when the transmission is complete.

See also, Sending a Fax.