Assigning or Changing Permissions

To assign permissions to a permission group or to change permissions for a group:
  1. Select a Permission Group Name to highlight it.
  2. Select a permission in the Data field list. See Permission Types. The first five items have toggle switches you can use to allow/or dissallow the permission. By default all permissions are turned off. To add a permission, select the button to the right of the permission and choose Allowed. To disable a permission select the button to the right of the permission and choose Not Allowed.
  3. Choose each of the last five buttons in the list one at a time to assign default accounts, classes, dialing rules, printers and styles to a permission group.
  4. See the Permissions dialog. for information about how to do this
  5. When you have set all permissions, choose Apply Edits to save the edits for the permission group, or choose Cancel to discard them.

Note that if the Become Fax Administrator Group selection is set to Allowed, the bottom five fields are greyed out because the FSA automatically has permission to use all of the features.

To assign permissions to an individual user, specify a Permission Group for the user in the User database