rastiff - Render and Convert Sun Raster Files

rastiff [ options ] file1 file2...

Rastiff converts a Sun raster file into a raster image stored in (TIFF-F) format.

If the -o option is not used to name an output file, the output file is named by taking the input file name and adding .tif. If the file name already ends in a "." extension, then it is replaced with .tif.

No input file or a file with the name `-' implies standard input.


Appends to an existing TIFF file (otherwise, overwrites existing file). The file is created if it does not already exist.
-H algorithm
Specifies the halftoning algorithm to use to convert greyscale and color images into black & white. Possible options include: fs, dither, cluster, or threshold.
Produces high (fine) resolution output (204 d.p.i. horizontally and 196 d.p.i. vertically). This is the default.
Produces low (standard) resolution output (204 d.p.i. horizontally and 98 d.p.i. vertically).
-m factor
Specifies the magnification factor (a decimal number) to use when converting the image to TIFF resolution (the nominal resolution of a rasterfile is 72 dpi).
-o file
Uses the named file as the TIFF output
-O overlay-file
Uses the named file (which must be a TIFF image in either standard or fine resolution) as the letterhead overlay.
Resizes the rasterfile to fit the page.
-s length
Specifies the length of the page.
Produces output describing the internal operation of rastiff.

asciitiff, convert, pcltiff, dpstiff, tifftiff