Receiving a Fax

Each Faximum user has an area called an inbox. Once a fax is in your inbox you can read the entire contents of the fax, file it, reply to it, add text to it, send it to others, or print it.

There is also a common area on the Faximum server called General Delivery. Most faxes that arrive at the Faximum server are placed in General Delivery. You either claim faxes from General Delivery or the Fax System Administrator routes faxes from General Delivery to your inbox.

(If you are using a feature called Incoming Fax Routing, Faximum will route a fax directly to your inbox if it meets the routing criteria.)

The person who sets up Faximum on your system is called the Fax System Administrator (FSA). The FSA determines whether users will have direct access to General Delivery or not:

Viewing Faxes in Your Inbox
Your inbox is visible in the Browse Received Fax window. To open the window choose Browse Received Fax from the Tasks pulldown menu. To view a fax, select it and choose the View Fax button.

Retrieving Faxes from General Delivery
If you have Access General Delivery permission you can view and claim faxes in General Delivery by opening the Browse Received Fax dialog:

  1. Choose Browse Received Fax from the Tasks pulldown menu.
  2. If you do not see a list of folders on the left hand side of the window, choose Folders List from the View pulldown menu.
  3. Choose the General Delivery folder (called general deliv). The faxes in General Delivery are displayed.

    If you do not see the General Delivery folder in the Folders list it means that you do not have Access General Delivery permission. In this case the FSA will route faxes to your inbox.

  4. To view the cover sheet of a fax in General Delivery, select the fax and choose the View Coversheet button. The Fax - View dialog opens to display the cover sheet of the fax.
  5. If the fax is yours, close the Fax - View dialog and choose Claim Fax. (If you are enabled as FSA you will see the Route Fax button instead of the Claim fax button.)

When you choose the Claim Fax button Faximum moves the fax to your inbox, selects your inbox, and highlights the fax. To view the fax, choose the View Fax button. To claim additional faxes, repeat Steps 3-5.

Be careful not to claim faxes that belong to other users! You cannot simply "unclaim" a claimed fax. See If You Claim Another User's Fax By Mistake.

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