Viewing a Fax

In the Fax Composer window use the View Fax button to view the fax composition that you are creating. You need to enter a number in the Fax # field before you can choose the View Fax button.

To view a fax that you have received, go to the Fax Browser window (choose Browse Received Fax from the Task pulldown menu). If the fax is in General Delivery you can only view the coversheet. If the fax is in your inbox (or one of the folders you have created) you can use the View Fax button to view the entire fax and add text to the fax. You typically might add textual comments to a fax if you plan to forward it to someone else.

Note that if you do not have General Delivery access privileges you will not be able to view faxes in General Delivery. The FSA will route them to your inbox. Then you can view them and add comments for forwarding.

For information on moving a fax into your inbox see Reading a Received Fax .