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The FMS home page is divided into two areas. On the left ("Configuration Alerts") will normally only appear when you first use FMS and will guide you through the configuration steps that are needed before you can start sending and receiving faxes using FMS. In the example above we show only a couple of remaining configuration item but the list below shows all of the possible alerts and links to the sections in this manual that describe the issue in detail. On the right are the various screens available. Note that the above screen shows the links available to an FMS user with admin privileges (see "User Privileges" on page 76).

Users without admin privileges will see a subset of these choices as shown below.

For more information on these various screens, either select the screen of interest and then press the Help! button or see below.

Configuration Alerts

The following lists the six different configuration areas that need to be addressed immediately after the installation of the FMS software.

You ought to address all of the configuration alerts before allowing users to access the system. Click on each link in the configuration alert box and complete the requested function. If you have any questions about the configuration required merely press the Help! button on that page.

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