Designing a Cover Sheet

Faximum supplies several sample cover sheets in the directory /opt/FAXserver/coversheet.

Cover sheets are written in the asciitiff language.

Follow these guidelines to design a cover sheet:

  1. Copy one of the sample files to use as a template. The files reside on the Faximum server's coversheet directory. (See Faximum Client/Server Directories.)
  2. If you have a TIFF image that you want to include on the cover sheet use the cover.fine cover sheet file as an example. See Adding a TIFF image to a cover sheet.
  3. In your cover sheet file, either type in the correct text for the lines that appear in the upper right hand corner or delete the lines altogether.
  4. Change any fonts as desired.
  5. The replace fields represent information that the fax client supplies. You can rearrange the fields and the associated text as necessary.

To view the new cover sheet, see Viewing Your Changes.

To add the new cover sheet to the Faximum system, see Adding a New Cover Sheet.