View Fax and View Coversheet Buttons

The button in the bottom left hand corner of the Fax Browser window can be either the View Fax or the View Coversheet button.

View Fax button
The View Fax button allows you to do the following:

The View Fax button is only available for faxes that have been moved from General Delivery to your inbox or to a folder that you have created. The View Fax button displays the fax in the Fax - View window. For more information, see The Fax - View Window.

View Coversheet button
The View Coversheet button allows you to view the first page (cover sheet) of a fax in General Delivery. Note that only users with General Delivery access privileges have access to General Delivery.

Perform the following steps to access and use the View Coversheet button:

  1. Choose Folder List from the View pulldown menu.
  2. Select the General Delivery folder. The View Fax button changes to the View Coversheet button.
  3. Select any fax in General Delivery.
  4. Choose View Coversheet.

By viewing the cover sheets of faxes in General Delivery you can decide whether to claim the fax (if you are a user with General Delivery access privileges) or route the fax (if you are the FSA).

See also, Claim Fax and Route Fax Buttons.