Saving a Fax

There are several ways to save a fax:

  1. To save the current composition choose Save Rendered Composition As from the Composition pulldown menu.
  2. You can save incoming faxes by moving them from General Delivery to your inbox or to one of the folders you create. See Reading a Received Fax .
  3. Once a fax is in your inbox (or in a folder you create) you can save a copy as a TIFF file by choosing Save to TIFF File... from the Action pulldown menu on the Fax Browser window. See Saving a Fax to a File.
  4. When you edit a received fax to add text or delete pages choose Save or Save As from the File menu of the Fax - View window. See Adding Comments to a Received Fax.

Faximum saves faxes as Class F compressed TIFF files.

After you save a fax you can view it as follows:

You can send a saved fax as part of a fax transmission by adding the fax as an attachment. See Attaching a File.