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CHAPTER 1 Introduction

CHAPTER 1 Introduction

Thank you for considering using the Faximum Messaging Software to provide you with the fax component of your integrated messaging system. We at Faximum are committed to developing "best of breed" fax/email integration.

With FMS you can send and receive faxes as easily as you handle email. FMS does away with the need to install, learn, or pay for separate fax client software on every desktop. Integrated messaging will increase your users' efficiency and reduce your costs.

You can configure FMS so that each user or department has its own fax number without having to have multiple phone lines and fax machines. And faxes sent to that user's or department's fax number are received by FMS and converted to an email message sent to the designated user(s).

As for sending faxes, all you need do with FMS is address a text message to and it will be delivered to the specific fax number.

Or, if you want to fax a Microsoft Word document (say), you just "print to fax" and the document will be converted into fax format and attached to your email message to the FMS server for delivery to the specified fax machine.

For more information on the features and benefits of the Faximum Messaging Server please refer to the marketing literature (also available at

This manual contains detailed information on how to configure and use the Faximum Messaging Server and its related products. This version of the manual was prepared on 2002.05.06. You may browse the most recent version of the manual at

If you prefer, Faximum Software can provide software installation and configuration assistance for a nominal fee. Please see "Software Installation Service" on page 20.

What You Really Need to Know

The installation instructions are in the README file that accompanied the software with some additional details in the next chapter. If you do not have your README file, please browse

Sending a fax merely means addressing your email to the fax phone number. For example "" where is the domain name of the machine on which FMS is installed. If you want to know more, see Chapter 3 which tells you what else you can do.

If you are the system administrator, the README file and installation chapter will outline the main configuration tasks you need to know about. Once the software is installed, you can also point your web browser to (where is the domain name of the machine on which FMS is installed) and walk through the various configuration options.

The rest of the manual contains more details than you need to know. Ignore it for now. Use FMS. Benefit from FMS. Then later return to chapter 3 to learn how much more FMS can do for you.

Guide to this Manual

The following describes the contents of each of the following chapters.

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