I Can't Find My Fax!

By default incoming faxes are routed to an area called General Delivery. Only users with Access General Delivery permission can view and claim faxes in General Delivery.

To see if you have access to faxes in general delivery:

  1. Choose Browse Received Fax from the Fax Composer window.
  2. Choose Folder List from the View pulldown menu.

If a folder named "general deliv" is listed in the Folders window then you have access to viewing faxes in General Delivery. Select general deliv to see a list of the faxes in General Delivery. You can view the cover sheet of faxes in the list and claim faxes that are yours. Faxes that you claim are moved to your inbox folder.

If you do not have access to General Delivery, then the FSA must route faxes to your inbox.

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